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Welcome to the Politics and the Internet website. Our site exists in order to provide you with a one stop portal in which you can find all the links and information about Politics and the Internet that you might need. Most people in the world are now awake to the fact that politics concerns them individually, and that it is in their best interests to stay up to date on all the latest political news. We all want to stay informed about all the political issues that affect us the most, whether that is the economy, taxation, foreign policy, local government, employment legislation, and more. Everyone is affected by some, if not all of these political issues, and finding out what your elected officials are doing about the social problems in your city, or how your nation and its citizens are viewed in the country you are planning to go on holiday to, thanks to its international policy, is very important.

While you can find out all of this information on the television, and with the advent of 24 hour rolling news channels, at any time of day, rather than during scheduled bulletins and reports, the advent of hand held technology and internet access anytime, and any place, means that you can receive the latest political news as it happens, and unlike with television, you can have your say, on message boards, forums, or social media. The internet is the new face of political discussion. If there is anything about Politics and the Internet that you think our site doesn’t cover and needs to, why not drop us an email and let us know.

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The Politics and the Internet website is not affiliated with the old Siân James MP website.

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